A database is the lifeblood of any football manager game. It contains all the information that is required for the ha,e to function, including the details of all the players, teams, tournaments, countries, cities, managers, staff and boards. The game uses the information in the database to provide all the attributes and information in the game.

The following databases are available as official downloads from BGS:

  • July 2009 (Default, comes with the game)
  • September 2009
  • February 2010

There also exist a number of custom, player made databases. They are unofficial databases that either try to be more accurate than BGS or create a new game entirely (for example, a custom made database exists containing footballing legends).

Data EditorEdit

Main article: Data Editor

The data editor allows a player to edit most of the information in the game. To do this, they must open the data editor, load the desired database and change any of the values. Anything from player names, attributes, finances, transfers, staff and more can be edited with the data editor. Once a player is happy with their changes, they must then save it under new name - this prevents the player saving over an official database. This database can the be played with or uploaded for others to use.

Data UpdatesEdit

Main article: Data Update

Periodically, BGS release a data update. This is a new database that contains all of the recent changes in the footballing world. Depending on how in depth the update is, it can include player transfers, staff movements and finances. Season Live updates also contain tournament changes, meaning that a player can manage a team from part way through the season, facing challenges that real managers would. To receive Season Live updates, a player must pay a subscription fee.