There are 3 playable leagues in France and it follows this straight-forward system:




Ligue 1
20 clubs


Ligue 2
20 clubs


Championnat National
20 clubs

Professional LeaguesEdit

There are two all-professional leagues in France.

Ligue 1Edit

As one of Europe's major leagues Ligue 1 attracts many talented players, largely those from Africa. Like most of the major European leagues it has twenty teams. Due to poor performance in European competitions, the top two qualify for the European Champion's Cup group stages directly and only the third placed team enter the Champion's Cup qualifying rounds. Fourth place qualifies for the Europa League and fifth and sixth may qualify for the Europa League, depending on whether the winners of two domestic competitions have already qualified for European competition. The bottom three teams are relegated.

Ligue 2Edit

In the second all-professional tier called Ligue 2, there are twenty teams again. There is no play-off system in France so the top three teams automatically get promoted. The bottom three are relegated.

National ChampionshipsEdit

The National Championship (or Championnat National in French) is the first league where all clubs do not have to be professional. It again contains twenty teams and the top three are promoted. The bottom four are all relegated to the unplayable league CFA (Championnat de France amateur).