There are six playable leagues in Germany and they follow this system:




First Division
18 clubs


Second Division
18 clubs


Third Division
20 clubs


Regional League North
18 clubs

Regional League West
18 clubs

Regional league South
18 clubs

Professional LeaguesEdit

There are two all-Professional leagues in Germany.

First DivisionEdit

The First Division is one of Europe's major leagues, now regarded better than Italy's Serie A by many. It is unconventional compared to many of the other major leagues as it only has eighteen teams, resulting in thirty-four games for each club. The Champions and second placed teams qualify for the European Champion's Cup group stage, while the 3rd place team will qualify for the qualifying rounds. Forth and Fifth qualify for the the Europa League while the German Cup Winners or Runners Up will also qualify for the Europa league. The bottom two are automatically relegated but third-from-bottom will play a Relegation/Promotion play-off with the team third in the Second Division.

Second DivisionEdit

The Second Division is the second all-professional league and contains eighteen teams. The top two are promoted automatically, while the third placed team has a Relegation/Promotion play-off with the third from bottom in the First Division. The bottom two are relegated and the third from bottom will have a Relegation/Promotion Play-off with the third placed team in the Third Division.

Semi-Professional and AmateurEdit

There are two tiers of semi-professional teams which contains four league.

Third DivisionEdit

The third division is not strictly professional but contains many professional teams as they want to be ready if they get promotion. There are twenty clubs, the top two are promoted automatically and the third placed team has a Relegation/Promotion Play-off. Reserve teams of clubs competing in this competition cannot gain promotion to the Second Division and their promotion place goes to the next highest non-reserve team. The bottom three are automatically relegated.

Regional LeaguesEdit

There are three regional leagues containing eighteen teams each: Regional League North, Regional League South, Regional League West. They are separated simply by geographical location. The champions of the three groups are automatically promoted and there are no more promotion places. The bottom four in the North league are automatically relegated to unplayable leagues and the bottom three in the west and South leagues are also automatically relegated to unplayable leagues.