The playable leagues (all of which are professional) in Italy follow this system:

Current SystemEdit

Level League/Division(s)
1 Serie A
20 clubs
2 Serie B
22 clubs
3 Lega Pro Prima A
18 clubs
Liga Pro Prima B
18 clubs
4 Lega Pro Seconda A
18 clubs
Lega Pro Seconda B
18 clubs
Lega Pro Seconda C
18 clubs

Serie AEdit

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One of the the major leagues in Europe, Serie A is highly reputable but has recently been stricken by a financial throwback. It contains twenty teams and the top three teams directly qualify for the group stage of the European Champion's Cup and fourth enters in the qualifying round. Fifth and sixth claim Europa League places. Seventh place will only qualify for the Europa League if both finalists of the Italian Cup have already qualified for Europe. The bottom three are relegeated to Serie B.

Serie BEdit

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Serie B contains twenty-two teams. Three teams are promoted to Serie A and four teams are relegated to Lega Pro Prima Divisione. The top two teams are automatically promoted. If the 3rd-placed team is 10 or more points ahead of the 4th-placed team, it too is automatically promoted, otherwise the 3rd through 6th-placed teams enter a playoff tournament to determine the other team that will be promoted. The bottom four are relegated.

Lega Pro Prima DivisioneEdit

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The Lega Pro Prima divisione has two leagues each of eighteen clubs. Two teams from each league are promoted. The champions automatically, while second to fifth have a play-off. The bottom three clubs in each league are relegated to the Lega Pro Seconda Divisione.

Lega Pro Seconda DivisioneEdit

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This division is made of four groups of eighteen teams. Following the same idea as the Prima Divisione, the champions of each are automatically promoted while second to fifth have a play-off. The bottom team in each are automatically relegated. The teams placed fourteenth will play the teams placed seventeenth and the teams placed fifteenth play sixteenth in a play-off called the Playouts. There is only one round. The losers over two legs are relegated and the winners stay up. |}