Inzaghi Regen

An example of a regen of Italian striker Filippo Inzaghi. Note the position, age, weight, nationality and height

Regens (or Regenerations) are players who are automatically added to the youth team of most clubs in the game, so the game can replenish as real footballers retire.


Regens are simply the exact recreation of players which have retired in the previous season, having the exact same nationality, birthdate, height, position and weight. They are always young players (aged 16 or below) and will play at a club in the country in which the original player was born. A regen has the same Potential Ability as their original counterpart, meaning that they will become, with time and suitable training regimes, just as good as the original.

Finding RegensEdit

Regens have certain things in common with the player they came from. To find a regen take a note of a retiring player's day and month of birth, nationality, height and weight. These are always the same in a regen as the retired players. For example, Dider Drogba's regen will always be born 11/3 and sixteen years earlier than the current year in game. They always appear in a club from the country that is their nationality.


Positions are tricky. Regens will have at least one of their retired players positions but play on any side. They will not play in a different position. For example: Gary Neville's regen could be CB or FB or both as he plays both. But he could be a LB or CB/LB as regens can play on any side.



There are a few ways to find regens. One of the most common ways is to use the player search. Search for a player 15-16 and have the players nationality ticked in the filter. Also, have all that players positions ticked and have all sides, as they may play on any side. Then, just go through the results and keep looking. Good regens are usually at the top. This only works for for managers who have a high knowledge of the country. Be aware that regens can appear as free transfer, so this may not always work.


  • Age Range 16 or Under - 16/17
  • Select 'remove uninterested'
  • Select the nationality if searching for a specific regen
  • Click OK
  • Sort the results by player value
  • Scout the top results


Another is to go through every club in the retired players country looking for him. Use the filters at the club to narrow it down to just his positions (keep all sides ticked). Sorting the teams by age so its youngest first. Look at every player that could be him and see if they are. It may be tedious but it works.