There are six playable leagues in Spain and they follow this system:




(Liga BBVA)

20 teams


(Liga Adelante)

22 teams


2ªB Group 1

20 clubs

2ªB Group 2

20 clubs

2ªB Group 3

20 clubs

2ªB Group 4

20 clubs

Liga BBVAEdit

The Liga BBVA (or La Liga as Spanish fans call it) is one of the best in the world. Attracting huge talents, especially from the South American countries it has two of the best teams in the world: Barcelona and Real Madrid. In total there are twenty teams. The top three enter the European Champion's Cup at the group stage, with the fourth placed having to go through the qualification process. Fifth and sixth qualify for the Europa league and the bottom three are relegated.

Liga AdelanteEdit

Liga Adelante is the official name of the second division (or segunda division) and contains twenty-two teams. There is no Play-offs system in Liga Adelante, instead there are three promotion places. The bottom four are relegated to the Segunda Division B

Segunda Division BEdit

It is called Segunda Division B because the original name for Liga Adelante was Segunda Division, however, it was not included in the sponsorship deal with BBVA. The Segunda Division B has four groups of twenty teams. The top four in each twenty participate in a play-off system to determine who will replace the four teams relegated from Liga Adelante. Many reserve or "B" of clubs teams participate in one of the four groups but they are not eligible for promotion unless the "A" team of the club is in Liga BBVA. The bottom four teams in each group are relegated, with the four 16th placed teams entering a play-off to determine which other two teams should also be relegated.