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Staff Screen at Arsenal

Staff are people employed by a football club to perform jobs other than playing matches. There are different types of jobs such as coaches, scouts, physios and, arguably, the most important: assistant managers. The staff screen can be viewed by clicking on "Information" then "Staff" on the sidebar.


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The manager is the man in charge of the club. He is responsible for training, tactics, transfers, wages and more, and is in control on match days. A player always plays as the manager of a club and is responsible for the aforementioned. However, a player may choose to devolve certain responsibilities to his Assistant Manager.

Assistant ManagerEdit

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The assistant manager's role is to assist in the running of the club. He is often present at training and aides the manager on match days. A player may choose to devolve certain responsibilities to his assistant. This is useful for players who are new to the game and are not ready for taking on full responsibility.


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The coaches are responsible for training. The more coaches a football club has, the better training will be. As well as this, high coaching attributes help players develop and reach the potential. A manager may ask a coach for a Coach Report, which will detail the player's ability and progress, as well as whether he is a valuable member of the team.


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Scouts are responsible for finding new players for the team. A manager may ask for a Scout Report of a certain player which he is considering buying. The Scout Report will contain information about his current ability as well as whether he is likely to develop well. The report also gives the scout's opinion of whether the player would be a good transfer target.


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Physios are responsible for ensuring injured or tired players return to full health as quickly as possible. Players at clubs with phyios who have high physiotherapy attributes will recover from injury or tiredness much faster than those at clubs with phyios who have a lower physiotherapy attribute. A manager may also ask for a Physio Report from his pysios. This contains a report on the players fitness and how prone he is to injury. If a player is injured, the report will contain details of the injury, as well as the player's expected return date.