A work permit must be obtained by forgein players who wish to play in a certain country. Players in some countries require one to play if they are not of EU Nationality (they don't have a nationality that is part of the EU), the UK and Ireland are a prime example of this. A player requires a work permit to sign for a club so, if a work permit is not granted, a club cannot sign the player.

Obtaining a Work PermitEdit

To obtain a work permit, certain criteria must be met. These differ slightly in each country. In the UK and Ireland, a player must have played 75% of international games over the previous two years for a country in the top 50 world rankings. This rule is laxed for signing of young players who have creditable ability and a good future; however, only the top clubs usually win these. If a work permit is denied to a player, the club may appeal against the decision.